Jake Shore

The final Brockley Gardens exhibition 

One night only 25 Apr 2022

2022-04-24 - Brockley Gardens, the art gallery for the masses announced their new jake shore.

A lot of artists have ideas but very rarely the ideas get off the ground. It’s often very difficult for artists to be self-critical against their own ideas. It’s also hard to find unbiased and trustable advice from proven experts on ideas, especially if they’re not well developed. Artists spend substantial quantities of time and money in ideas that don’t have a shot of being successful. Moreover, worse than spending time and money on failed ideas, is not committing to invest in strong ideas simply because the odds are usually not against the artist’s favor. Artists need a systematic and fast way to validate ideas before seeking investment for them.

Artists can learn from the systematic approach and insight of the experiments run by Jake Shore on validating ideas. Artists can use the methods to evaluate the value of their ideas and leverage Jake Shore’s thresholds to guide the transition from idea into artwork. We will use our journey with the validation of our ideas to iterate on our validation approach, making sure it continually evolves and keeps providing proven results.

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Ron Providence, Brockley Gardens' friend, gallerist, curator, and artist said: "It is a great day for Jake Shore, Brockley Gardens, and artists, art collectors and curators everywhere. Today will be the start of our journey together."

Photography by Reinis Lismanis

Brockley Gardens
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